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Improves logical thinking


Develops child fine motor skills

Child safe

Different sensory activities

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Busy boards provide a canvas for children's imagination and creativity. They can use the various elements on the board to create their own games, stories, and patterns, fostering their self-expression and creativity.

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A size for all environments: a Doctor's Office, Pediatric Clinic, Kindergarten or where ever You want it - Keep Kids Engaged While They Wait with this Engaging Activity Toy!

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During play a Busy Board helps toddlers naturally develop a stack of fundamentals: Logical Thinking; Fine and Gross Motor Skills; Tactile Sensations; Perseverance; Dexterity; Memory; Сolor Perception; Imagination


Our latest Busy Boards, new photoshoots and an insight look into our brand. This Is how we manufacture and use the boards ourselves!

About Us

Busybunnytoys was established with our children, Dartas and Artūrs, as the driving force behind the brand. Witnessing their growth and the development of their skills inspired us to create toys that facilitate learning and progress. Our family venture initially began as a hobby, driven by our desire to design safe, sustainable, and educational toys for our own kids. Observing how engrossed they were with busy boards for extended periods made us realize that these toys were ideal for keeping little ones occupied. Hence, the name Busybunnytoys was conceived